Abstract 6- Volume 5, Number 2, Summer 2010

Social Studies Research and Practice

Volume 5, Number 2, Summer 2010



He’s Too Young to Learn about that Stuff: Anti-Racist Pedagogy and Early Childhood Social Studies

Terry Husband, Jr.
Illinois State University


Few early childhood teachers engage in critical and anti-racist forms of pedagogical practice, primarily on the basis of developmental and political concerns. With the exception of a few studies, little has been documented relative to early childhood teachers’ experiences while enacting this form of pedagogical practice. The purpose of this article is to examine my teaching experiences engaging in critical, anti-racist pedagogy through the development and implementation of a critical action research study/unit on African American history. Data from this study reveal four levels of challenges that emerged throughout the development and implementation phases of this study/unit. Finally, I discuss several implications of this study for early childhood multicultural practice.
Key Words: Anti-racist, Critical action research, Drama pedagogy,Early childhood, Multicultural education, Social studies


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About the Author(s)…

Terry Husband, Jr., Assistant Professor of Early Childhood/Elementary Literacy at Illinois State University. His research interests include Urban Early Childhood/Elementary Literacy Instruction, Critical Multicultural Education in the Early Childhood Classroom, and Literacy Achievement among African American boys. He can be contacted at terryhusband@hotmail.com.

Citation for this Article: Husband, T., Jr. (2010). He’s too young to learn about that stuff: Anti-racist pedagogy and early childhood social studies. Social Studies Research & Practice, 5(2), 61-75. Retrieved from http://www.socstrp.org/issues/PDF/5.2.6.pdf.