Abstract 9- Volume 5, Number 2, Summer 2010

Social Studies Research and Practice

Volume 5, Number 2, Summer 2010



Notable Trade Book Lesson Plan: Glass Slipper, Gold Sandal: A Worldwide Cinderella

Danilo M. Baylen
University of West Georgia


Glass Slipper, Gold Sandal: A Worldwide Cinderella draws from a variety of folk traditions, including images and texts, to put together a version of a Cinderella story. The writing blends various elements from Cinderella stories from twenty countries and places to create a tale full of culture-specific images and perspectives. The book illustrates the diversity in people’s lives, which is continuously connected through our similarities and differences. The book is appropriate to use as a hook supporting delivery of a social studies curriculum, and to introduce social studies concepts in third and fourth grade classrooms.

Key Words: Cinderella, Culture-specific images, Folk stories, Global, International

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About the Author(s)…

Danilo M. Baylen, Associate Professor of Media and Instructional Technology, College of Education at the University of West Georgia. Currently, he co-edits and manages the online layout, format, and publication of Social Studies Research and Practice. Teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on media literacy, technology integration practices, instructional design, multimedia, and resource development for children and young adults. He can be contacted at dbaylen@westga.edu.

Citation for this Article: Baylen, D. M. (2010). Notable trade book lesson plan: Glass slipper, gold sandal: A worldwide Cinderella. Social Studies Research and Practice, 5(2), 92-102. Retrieved from http://www.socstrp.org/issues/PDF/5.2.9.pdf.