Abstract 2- Volume 5, Number 3, Winter 2010

Social Studies Research and Practice

Volume 5, Number 3, Winter 2010



Review, reflect, and react: A culturally responsive model for pre-service secondary social studies teachers

Paul G. Pritchett
Tehia V. Starker
Amy J. Good
University of North Carolina at Charlotte


The purpose of this qualitative study was to design and implement a model of cultural-responsiveness within a social studies teacher education program. Specifically, we sought to understand how pre-service grades 6-12 social studies practitioners construct culturally responsive teaching (CRT) in their lesson planning. In addition, we examined the professional barriers that prevented teacher-candidates from actualizing culturally responsive pedagogy. Incorporating a conceptual model of Review, Reflect, and React, 20 teacher candidates in a social studies methods course engaged CRT theory and practice. Thematic analysis of lesson plans and clinical reflections indicated successful proponents of CRT critically analyzed their curriculum, explored the diverse needs of their students, and engaged learners in culturally appropriate social studies pedagogy. Findings also showed that unsuccessful CRT was characterized by a lack of content knowledge, resistance from the cooperating teacher, and a reliance on the textbook materials.

Key Words: 6-12 education, Culturally responsive teaching, Pre-service education, Social studies, Social studies curriculum, Teacher characteristics

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