Editor’s Notes

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The November 2007 issue of Social Studies Research and Practice is a full one.  In addition to the already popular Research, Action Research, and Practice sections and the Notable Books, Technology, and Social Justice features, we have added a Ready to Teach feature.  We have continued to add features to the journal that will interest all social studies educators.

The Research section of the journal includes studies related to teacher recruitment,
beginning teacher self efficacy, and pre-service teachers’ transformative learning in a social studies methods course. In addition, one study examines state standards, critiquing them using Dewey’s views on habits and choice regarding teaching and learning.

In the Action Research section, topics include certification students’ knowledge of the local educational environment, pre-service teachers’ use of oral history projects, online interaction between high school students and teachers, and pre-service teachers’ creation of a multi-genre research project.

The Practice section of the journal includes ideas for relating moral education to financial education.

The lesson plans included in the Notable Books section represent a variety of exemplary ideas for the teaching of social studies.  Lesson topics include the Women’s Rights movement, the contributions of women to the modern world, Mamie Johnson, an African-American girl who played in the segregated major leagues, children’s involvement in civic action, and the climate and geography of Alaska.

Podcasting is the topic of the Technology feature and the Social Justice feature includes a discussion of how NCLB has decreased the teaching of social studies in the early childhood/elementary classroom.  The new Ready to Teach feature includes a discussion of the results of a longitudinal study of the state of social studies at the elementary school level.