Abstract 13- Volume 6, Number 1, Spring 2011

Social Studies Research and Practice

Volume 6, Number 1, Spring 2011



TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION ~ Graduates Use of Technology in their K-8 Classrooms

Jan Lacina
Sarah Mathews
Laura Nutt
Texas Christian University


This article examines ways in which graduates of an online teacher certification program integrate technology into social studies instruction. With dramatic growth in the number of online teacher certification programs, educators are faced with how to ensure their graduates incorporate effective teaching strategies, including technology, into classrooms. Research over the past decade indicates that teachers do not integrate technology within social studies instruction in meaningful ways, beyond traditional approaches to teaching (Ravitz & Wong, 1999; Van Fossen & Shively, 2003, 2009). Results from this study indicate that online teacher education graduates, who have access to technology within their schools, find meaningful ways to integrate such technology into social studies instruction. Teacher educators must conduct more research, and receive more funding, to follow online teacher education graduates. Today’s new generation of tech-savvy students deserve teachers who can competently integrate technology into all content areas.

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