Editor’s Notes

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We are pleased to bring you Social Studies Research and Practice, Volume 4, Number 2, Summer 2009.

We continue to receive exemplary work from Social Studies educators eager to share their knowledge with you. This issue of SSRP highlights some of this work. The Research section of the journal includes an examination of four teachers and their approaches to teaching the Holocaust and comparative genocide, an examination of two social studies teachers who actively structure their lesson plans with the aim of promoting social justice education, a study of the attitudes of high school social studies teachers toward the inclusion of English language learners (ELLs) in their social studies classrooms, and a look at secondary American history textbooks and how they reflect and portray American Indians.

The Practice section of the journal includes articles of interest to practicing teachers and teacher educators. For teacher educators, one article describes two scenarios and changes made to a graduate readings course in social studies education over two years in order to align it with constructivist and student-centered thinking and learning. For the classroom teacher, two articles are included, one that discusses the teaching of generalizations in today’s social studies classrooms and the other highlights some of the experiences of elementary students learning to use primary sources to engage in historical inquiry.

The Action Research section includes one article that looks at assessment in the regular social studies classroom and the adaptations and modifications social studies teachers most frequently use.

The Features section of the journal includes four lesson plans in the Notable Trade Books feature. Lesson topics include the Civil Rights Movement, the Scopes Trial, the Depression, and Immigration. The Social Justice feature includes a tribute to Ms. Lillie M. H. Fincher, a luminary African American educator in pre and post integration in the South. The Ready to Teach feature discusses teaching Social Studies in a media generation. And finally, the Technology Integration feature includes a discussion of podcasting in the economics classroom.

SSRP is pleased to announce that Dr. Danilo M. Baylen, our current managing editor, has accepted to share the co-editorship post with Dr. Janet Strickland. Dr. Baylen has advanced the journal since coming on board last year as managing editor, and we look forward to seeing his vision of a more technology-friendly journal come to fruition.