Social Studies Research and Practice

Volume 4, Number 3, Winter 2009

Editors Notes


Understanding Core Democratic Values and Citizenship in the Fifth Grade

Carolyn O’Mahony
Oakland University

Historical Timelines: Analyzing Mutlimodal Text Design

Sonya Fox
Beryl Exley
Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Multiple Texts, Teacher Craft Knowledge, and Principled Practices in High School Economics: A Case Study of Kenneth

Nancy T. Walker
University of La Verne 

Jennifer Wimmer
Thomas Bean
University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Textbooks and Primary Source Analysis

Jason C. Fitzgerald
University of Pittsburgh

Using Web 2.0 to Support Learning in the Social Studies Context: Our Journey from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 and Beyond

Lori B. Holcomb
Candy Beal
Amanda Robertson
North Carolina State University

Teaching Historical and Current Events from Multiple Perspectives: The Korean War and Six-Party talks

Lin Lin
State University of New York, Cortland

Yali Zhao
Georgia State University 

Masato Ogawa
Indiana University Kokomo

John D. Hoge
University of Georgia

Who is Teaching Social Studies? Pre-Service Teachers’ Reaction

Paula B. Mathis
University of Hawaii, West O’ahu 

Nichelle C. Boyd
University of Mississippi

Computer-Based Concept Mapping: An Effective Academic Tool for Social Studies Teachers to Help with Linguistic and Academic Development of English Language Learners

Berna Mutlu
University of Florida



Lesson Plan: Pete for President

Tracy Gawel Larson
Jonesboro High School, Georgia

Danilo M. Baylen
University of West Georgia

Lesson Plan: Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! Voices from a Medieval Village

Ashley G. Lucas
Towson University


Four Women of Chicago: Mothers of Progressive Education and Developers of John Dewey’s Idea

Jerry Aldridge
University of Alabama at Birmingham


Fractured Social Studies or Integrated Thinkers: The End Results of Curriculum Integration

Elizabeth Hinde
Arizona State University


Global Pollution Needs a Local Solution: Russian and American Middle School Students Participate in a Videoconference

Tamara Korenman
Saint Xavier University, Chicago 

Mikhail Korenman
International Educational and Cultural Services, Inc.

Elena Danilina
Multilevel Educational Complex #2, Voronezh, Russia


Digital History with Student-Created Multimedia: Understanding Student Perceptions

Thomas C. Hammond
Lehigh University 

Meghan McGlinn Manfra
North Carolina State University


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The Editors
Social Science Research and Practice

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The Editors
Social Studies Research and Practice

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Additional Notes

Acceptance rate for the Social Studies Research and Practice journal is 11% at the time this issue was published.