Editors Notes

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Social Studies Research and Practice has undergone some major changes since the Spring 2011 issue and we are excited to share these with you.

First, our new Managing Editor, Galen Ross from Back 2 the Drawing Board, has migrated SSRP to a new server.  He also was able to format all past issues and documents to open on the new server.  Please be patient with us as we “work out the kinks” in the new system.

Second, the new server and software now allow us to manage updates more efficiently and to communicate these updates to you.  On each internal page of the website, you will see a “Get Updates by Email” box.  Please enter your address if you would like to be notified when changes are made to SSRP.  Specifically, you will be notified of new issues, announcements, call for manuscripts, and special issues information.

Since the inception of SSRP, the editors have had one main goal: to provide a forum for social studies educators to share research, action research, and exemplary practice.  We do this because we care about the future of social studies.

We continue to welcome any feedback you have that will make this, your journal, the best it can be.  Your suggestions can be directed to any of the editors.