Editor’s Notes

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Greetings! During this holiday season, we hope that each of you were able to spend time doing whatever makes you joyful.  I know that Cynthia, Galen, and I were able to spend time with our families and make memories that will last forever.  Whether it from a child or grandchild, there is nothing like the love a young one to make the days sweeter.

We are once again experiencing changes to SSRP.  While we attempt to accommodate the increased number of tables, graphs, figures, and tables, we found it necessary to change the format of the articles from two columns to one column.  We hope that the change is received positively but we are open to suggestions for improvement.  Please contact any editor or feature editor with ideas.  Contact information is available on the main page of each issue.

You are encouraged to submit manuscripts for review at any time during the year.  Cynthia is especially adept at managing the process from submission to publication.  I can think of no other journal that has the turn-around time of SSRP, all thanks to her dedication.