Abstract 1-Volume 7-Number 1, Spring 2012

All We Know that May Be So in Economic Education

Mark C. Schug

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Ashley S. Harrison

The University of Tennessee Chattanooga

J.R. Clark

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga



The teaching of economics at the Kindergarten-12 level has been highly researched and reported upon since the 1970’s and has primarily concentrated on curriculum, materials, enrollments, and effectiveness of teaching techniques.  This paper summarizes two recent reviews of research, the results of the National Assessment of Educational Progress in Economics, and two recent national surveys.  Taken together, the findings suggest that more students are taking high school economics than ever before, and that their performance is better than reported performance in other social studies fields.  While adequate teacher training remains a stubborn problem, economics teachers appear to use somewhat more variety in their teaching than do their peers.

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