Abstract 8-Volume 7-Number 1, Spring 2012

Assessing an Online Personal Finance Video Game

Scott Niederjohn

Lakeland College



This paper describes a pre-and post-test design, with control group, used to evaluate the educational effectiveness of Gen I Revolution (LEI The Game), a 15-missionvideo game developed by the Council for Economic Education (CEE) in 2009. This video game is based upon the CEE’s print curriculum: Learning, Earning and Investing. Using a random sample of 555 high school students enrolled in economics or personal finance courses throughout the United States, the study finds generally positive and statistically significant effects on a 35-question test of student learning regarding personal finance and economics. It also finds positive results on both a comfort survey and an attitude survey about personal finance given before and after exposure to Gen I Revolution.  On each of these measures, gains made by students that were exposed to the game exceeded those in the control group.

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