Editors Notes

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Social Studies Research and Practice

The editors of Social Studies Research and Practice continue to be amazed at the interest level from social studies professionals around the world.  We think SSRP is unique in that we provide a venue for research, action research, and practice, along with social justice, technology, interdisciplinary and notable book features.  Anyone with interest in social studies should find something useful in every issue. One benefit of an online journal is our ability to provide embedded links, videos, and resources that would be impossible with a print journal.

As always, we are committed to working with scholarly writers with all levels of experience.  If you know of classroom teachers with exemplary ideas, send them to us.  We also encourage graduate students to submit their research and ideas for practice.

We are always working on ways to improve the journal.  If you have ideas, we would love to hear them. You can also become involved with SSRP by volunteering to serve on our Board of Editors.  Please email Janet Strickland at jstrickl@westga.edu if you have questions.