Abstract 4-Volume 7, Number 2, Summer 2012

Ways of Being a Social Studies Teacher: What are Prospective Teachers Thinking?

Alicia R. Crowe                                                                                                    Todd S. Hawley                                                                                               Elizabeth W. Brooks

San Francisco State University



In this study we explored prospective social studies teachers’ memories of their middle and high school social studies teachers.  Our goal was to determine what lessons, if any, their apprenticeships of observation taught them about teaching.  Analysis of interviews with these prospective teachers indicated they talked about five ways of being a social studies teacher: an information giver, a content knowledge expert, a “character”, a caring, committed teacher, and “powerful.”  After discussing these five ways of being a social studies teacher we present implications for teacher educators interested in building upon prospective teachers’ initial conceptions of powerful social studies teaching and learning.

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