Abstract 5-Volume 7, Number 2, Summer 2012

In Defense of the Social Studies:  Social Studies Programs in STEM Education

Brad M. Maguth
The University of Akron


Understanding social studies programs at science, technology, mathematics and engineering (STEM) schools is becoming increasingly important as the number of STEM schools grows.   This study undertook a qualitative investigation into social studies programs at two STEM high schools.  Interviews from social studies teachers, principals, and students were transcribed, coded, and analyzed.  Additional data was collected through observation and document analysis. Findings highlighted social studies teachers’ perceptions that a strong social studies curriculum is essential to STEM education; the opportunities of interdisciplinary and technology integration afforded to social studies STEM teachers; and some of the challenges of teaching social studies in a STEM school. The researcher discusses the implications of these findings for stakeholders in the social studies to ensure citizens are equipped with the needed skill, knowledge, and dispositions to compete in a global and multicultural age.

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