Abstract 8-Volume 8-Number 1, Spring 2013

What Schools Can Do to Increase Racial Acceptance?

Bob Pettapiece

Sabrina Smith Campbell

Wayne State University



Although several articles of progress exist that indicate various levels of improvement in race relations in America—perhaps the most notable being the election of the country’s first African American president–racism is far from over. News reports have highlighted the resurfacing of hate groups, and some even suggest that the political dissension that exists on Capitol Hill is directly correlated to the color of the President’s skin. This article looks at schools as one possible source of this problem and as a possible place for solutions. It includes a study done in three public schools in southeast Michigan that evaluated acceptance levels of African American teachers and White teachers of one another. The study showed that in their most personal and intimate actions or dating, sharing confidences and sexual relations, neither group is accepting of each other. The article also gives some suggested approaches to improve relations between African American and White teachers.

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