Abstract 2, Volume 8, Number 2, Summer 2013

Thinking Historically about the Depression Era

Cory Callahan

University of North Carolina Wilmington



In this space I complement an article published earlier in Social Studies Research and Practice 8(1), 2012 by providing a wise practice lesson and its ancillary materials.  As sophisticated technologies continue to immerse modern students in potent visual data, teachers should help students develop equally potent visual literacy skills.  Students who are more visually literate are better prepared to evaluate the visual messages surrounding them and act, not in rote-response visual stimuli, but rather according to their well-informed conscience.  The lesson shared here demonstrates the educative potential of employing visual documents, historical photographs, in an inquiry-based approach to social studies instruction.  Together, the coupled articles present a pragmatic example of academic research informing classroom practice in meaningful ways to promote students’ civic competence.

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