Abstract 13, Volume 8, Number 3, Winter 2013

Climbing Lincoln’s Steps – The African American Journey

Written by Suzanne Slade and Illustrated by Colin Bootman

Mellanie Robinson

Reinhardt University


Using Climbing Lincoln’s Steps- The African American Journey by Suzanne Slade and illustrated by Colin Bootman  gives teachers the opportunity to implement a research based lesson plan that integrates reading and the arts into Social Studies. Elementary students are exposed to the accomplishments of Abraham Lincoln and African American men and women from the past and present.  Student knowledge is enhanced through the implementation of an author introduction, individual research, and the observation of historical videos and use of a website about Civil Rights icons.  Students are assessed on their knowledge of a chosen historical figure by participating in a museum theatrical presentation.  A comprehension quiz on the Slade text serves as a formal assessment for this lesson.  The collaboration of students, teachers, and parents makes this lesson a rewarding learning experience.

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