Abstract 4, Volume 9, Number 1, Spring 2014

Using Mentor Texts for Writing Instruction in a High School Economics Class


Kristine E. Pytash

Kent State University


Elizabeth Edmondson

Arin Tait

Gilmour Academy

Writing is an important tool for content acquisition and for teaching analytical skills in economics. Students must be able to read and write in the economics with an understanding of how knowledge is produced and disseminated in the field.  This study sought to understand how 12 secondary students enrolled in an economics course engaged in evaluating, critiquing, and studying a mentor text to learn how to craft a policy paper. A mentor text is a high-quality model text students can read and study to learn more about how to write in the field of economics.   Results found students self-reported learning:  the content of economics how to structure their paper, the discourse of economics.  They further gained an understanding of why economists write.

Key Words: writing, writing instruction, high school, economics, mentor texts, disciplinary literacy

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