Abstract 8, Volume 9, Number 1, Spring 2014

Seamless Integration of Technology into an Industrialization Unit of Study


Rebecca Stobaugh

S. Kay Gandy

Western Kentucky University

A significant number of inventions and innovations appeared during the time known as the Industrial Revolution.  Changes in technology quickly transformed American life in the past and continue to impact businesses, communities, and schools today.  Technologies like Skype™, Prezi®, and Poll Everywhere™ provide new methods for engaging students in learning and assess their understanding of content.  Each of these technologies is free and can be used in one-computer classrooms or computer labs.  These technologies can enhance the learning experience by engaging students in critical thinking and collaboration, allowing real-world applications of the content, and profiling various perspectives while utilizing digital tools that captivate students’ interests.  We showcase a myriad of ways that these technologies can be seamlessly integrated into a social studies unit on Industrialization.

Keywords:  Technology, Social Studies, Industrial Revolution, Digital Age, Critical Thinking, Student Engagement

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