Editor’s Note

Editor’s Notes

The editors of Social Studies Research and Practice are pleased to announce a special issue for Winter 2015. Dr. Lynn Kelly will serve as Guest Editor and all submission should go to her. Dr. Kelly has worked with the Elementary Education SIG at NCSS for many years and has many wonderful ideas to share. We hope that you will consider this issue as a venue for your scholarly research, action research, practice or Notable Books lesson plans. As always, all editors of SSRP will work with authors, veteran and novice alike.

Special Theme Issue:

Early Childhood

Winter 2015

 Social Studies Research and Practice is seeking manuscripts for a themed issue on Early Childhood Social Studies in November 2015.

Dr. Lynn Kelley is serving as guest editor.  Inquiries and submissions can be sent to her at lkelley@uwa.edu.

The manuscript due date is: October 1, 2014.  Submissions should include an abstract, brief biographies of the author(s), and must follow the journal’s style. Manuscripts will be peer reviewed.

Manuscripts in the following categories will be considered:

 Research

 Action Research

 Practice

 Features on Notable Trade Books, Social Justice, Technology Integration, and         Interdisciplinary Education.