Abstract 8, Volume 9, Number 2, Summer 2014

Turning Culture Upside Down: The Role of Transcultural Education

Jerry Aldridge

Jennifer L. Kilgo

Lois M. Christensen

University of Alabama at Birmingham

This article explores the adoption of a transcultural education approach, rather than multicultural or intercultural education, and the implications this would have for educational practice.  With the multiple issues associated with multicultural and intercultural education, the authors emphasize the need for a definitive definition of the term “transcultural” in the educational literature, as well as a new model of transcultural education.  Addressed in the article are: (a) the contribution of transdisciplinary teaming to the definition and practice of transcultural education; (b) the meaning of “trans” in the term, transcultural; (c) a discussion of culture and individuality related to education; and (d) possible conclusions to facilitate dialogue regarding the future of transcultural education.  Twelve vignettes are included to provide real world examples of the need for a paradigm of transcultural education.

Keywords: transcultural education, transdisciplinary teaming, culture, individuality,                   paradigm shifts, postmodernism

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