Abstract 3, Volume 9, Number 3, Winter 2014

Critical Historical Inquiry: How Might Pre-Service Teachers Confront Master Historical Narratives?

Cinthia Salinas

University of Texas at Austin

Brooke Blevins

Baylor University

In thisqualitative case study,we examinepre-serviceteachers’understandings’of history as narrative. Thisanalysis specifically exploresthe kinds of new historical narratives pre-service teachers createas a resultof purposeful secondary social studies methods instructionthat juxtaposes traditionalnarratives (e.g. individualachievementand motivation) and alternativenarratives (e.g. those attentive toempathyand race,class, and gender)in an effortto helpfuture teachers understandthe nature of criticalhistoricalinquiry.  In examining the understandings and initial efforts of young secondary social studies teachers, the study concludes that while troubling the traditional narrative is viable and likely event, the challenges of developing critical historical inquiry are clear and persistent.

Keywords: critical pedagogy, historical inquiry, history education, historical narrative, teacher education, social justice.

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