Abstract 11, Volume 9, Number 3, Winter 2014

I Am Helen Keller

Written by Grace Norwich


Janie Hubbard

University of Alabama



I Am Helen Keller is a student-friendly reader; yet, it offers realistic insights into Helen’s life as a: student, writer, lecturer, vaudeville performer, and activist.  The book relates to students’ real lives because Helen is portrayed as a genuine person rather than an object for herofication; an individual with economic challenges and personality flaws as well as successes.  Young students are introduced to the concept of mentoring, as people who sponsored and helped Helen achieve her life goals are described.   Helen Keller overcame personal adversity and is often presented to young people in character education.  The heart of her story, however, is that she was one of the first civil rights leaders for people with disabilities.  She was at the forefront of attitude changes around the world.  In this lesson, students engage in analyzing key points of Helen Keller’s life through a read-aloud and Anticipation Guide, discussion, cooperative group work, research, and presentation skills using educational technology.

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