Abstract 7, Volume 10, Number 1, Spring 2015

One Green Apple

Written by Eve Bunting

Sarah Hartman

College of Coastal Georgia


One Green Apple, by Eve Bunting, challenges students to compare and contrast their feelings about fitting in and peer pressure, against those of Farah’s, the book’s main character. This lesson involves students in working in small groups to reflect on a time when they didn’t fit in or were the new person in a situation. Students also work to activate their prior knowledge of cultural similarities and differences that aid in forming friendships. Internet research is used to investigate similarities and differences between a student’s own and other ethnic cultures. Students are encouraged to consider how educating oneself about another’s culture aids in understanding the actions and feelings of others and minimizing bullying. This lesson also serves as a segue into teaching students words from other languages associated with cultures and ethnicities from other countries.

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