Editor’s Note

The editors of Social Studies Research and Practice are excited to bring you the Spring  2015 issue.  In our first issue in the Spring of 2006, we introduced the new journal as a “peer reviewed, electronic journal that focuses on providing a venue for P–16 social studies research and practice manuscripts, lesson plans, reviews, and issues related to higher-level learning outcomes. We aim to provide forums for the online dissemination of research and practice in social studies (P-16), disseminate ideas that enhance the practical aspects of social studies, further knowledge and understanding of powerful and innovative research and practice in social studies, and foster debate about the implementation of meaningful social studies research and practice.”  It is hard to believe that we are in our 10th volume, but we remain committed to the initial goals for SSRP.  We have lined-up exemplary Social Studies leaders as authors, reviewers, guest-editors, and readers.  The editors would like to thank Dr. Kristi Garrett, Managing Editor, and Ms. Takisha Durm, Copy Editor, for their tireless effort in getting each issue of SSRP to you. As always, comments or questions can be directed to Dr. Cynthia Sunal at cvsunal@bama.ua.edu or Dr. Janet Strickland at jstrickl@westga.edu.