Volume 10, Number 2, Summer 2015

Social Studies Research and Practice 

Volume 10, Number 2, Summer 2015

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Editor’s Notes
How Elementary Teachers Imagine Social Studies in an Age of Teacher Assessments

Patricia L. Marshall

North Carolina State University

Ashley L. Jacot

Endeavor Charter School

Angelita F. Gamble

Potomac View Elementary School

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How Should We Remember the Alamo?

Critical Analyses of Four Graphic Histories

Marianne Snow

Margaret Robbins

University of Georgia

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Strategically Organic: One U.S. History Teacher’s Experience With Class Discussion

Caroline C. Sullivan

Georgia State University

Audrey Schewe

Georgia State University

Emily Juckett

Hillcrest High School

Heather Stevens

Shiloh Middle School

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A Teacher’s Perceptions of Teaching With Expeditions in a Tested History Course

Lorrei DiCamillo

Canisius College

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The Jigsaw Revisited: Common Core Social Studies and English Language Arts Integration

Scott L. Roberts

Betsy VanDeusen-MacLeod

Central Michigan University

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Using the Power of Music to Support Students’ Understanding of Fascism

Anthony Pellegrino

George Mason University

Joseph L. Adragna

St. Scholastica Academy

Kristien Zenkov

George Mason University

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Media Literacy: Analyzing Political Commercials

Lance E. Mason

Indiana University Kokomo

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Chasing Theme Number Nine: Five Practical Strategies for Making Global Connections

Aaron P. Johnson

Virginia Tech

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Tripping on the Core: Utilizing Field Trips to Enhance the Common Core

Joshua L. Kenna

Texas Tech University

William B. Russell III

University of Central Florida

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Historical Thinking, Reading, and Writing about the World’s Newest Nation, South Sudan

John H. Bickford III

Eastern Illinois University

Molly Sigler Bickford

Tolono Junior High School

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Inclusive Historical Narratives:

Lessons from Mary Ritter Beard and Carter G. Woodson

Sarah Bair

Dickinson College

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Teaching for Sustainability in a Social Studies Methods Course: Opportunities and Challenges

Lisa Brown Buchanan

Elizabeth O. Crawford

The University of North Carolina Wilmington

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