Abstract 1, Volume 10, Number 2, Summer 2015

How Elementary Teachers Imagine Social Studies

in an Age of Teacher Assessments

Patricia L. Marshall

North Carolina State University

Ashley L. Jacot

Endeavor Charter School

Angelita F. Gamble

Potomac View Elementary School


These assessments may inadvertently diminish the amount of time and attention teachers perceive they can devote to a traditionally non-tested subject such as social studies. Would teachers’ orientations toward social studies change in a manner that would elevate its status if an assessment resulted in the teachers recognizing they have more direct say over the manner in which they allocate their instructional time? In this paper, we explore this and other questions to investigate how elementary teachers imagine social studies in an age of teacher assessments.

Keywords: teacher assessment, elementary social studies, professional perceptions, hypothetical teaching scenario, big ideas, teacher de-professionalization

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