Abstract 9, Volume 10, Number 2, Summer 2015

Tripping on the Core: Utilizing Field Trips to Enhance the Common Core

Joshua L. Kenna

Texas Tech University

William B. Russell III

University of Central Florida


The goal of this article is to expand on the use of field trips in social studies education, particularly in the Common Core era. Meshing the goals of the Common Core Standards with those of the corresponding high-stakes testing while providing an experiential learning is a dilemma faced by some teachers. One launched argument suggests field trips are still relevant and pertinent to meeting various educational standards including those found within the Common Core. In an attempt to support this claim, we first discussed the literacy requirements set out by Common Core Standards for History/Social Studies. We then examined the necessary elements for properly planning and conducting field trips, which we referenced as the Field Trip Effectiveness Model. Sample ideas for field trips such as: art and history museums; living history experiences; historical sites, monuments and memorials; cemeteries; geographical sites; banks and businesses; and government buildings are provided.

Keywords: Social studies; field trips; Common Core; inquiry-based learning, history, geography

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