Abstract 2, Volume 10, Number 3, Winter 2015

Examining Second Graders’ Construction and Interpretation of Questions Used During Interviews


Lynn Allyson Kelley

University of West Alabama

Lee Freeman

University of Alabama


Although there is a lack of research on instruction that aims at facilitating students’ use of questioning with peers, many early childhood social studies textbooks and resources, include activities and lessons recommending students conduct interviews with an explicit assumption that young students are capable of formulating and using questions in the context of an interview. In these instances, no suggestions or ideas are given to teachers regarding instruction that will encourage and facilitate students’ questioning. The purpose of this study was to determine if the levels of social studies interview questions second graders formulate and use can be increased with questioning instruction in terms of quality, which is defined as depth of response, and in terms of quantity. This study generated research hypotheses that could be investigated in future research on instruction aimed at increasing young children’s questioning abilities as demonstrated in social studies.

Key words: questions, interviews, early childhood, peer tutors, social studies, elementary

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