Abstract 10, Volume 11, Number 1, Spring 2016

Using Digital Simulations for Teaching the Constitutional Convention in Undergraduate History

Katherine Assante Perrotta

Kennesaw State University

Joseph R. Feinberg

Georgia State University

College instructors are entering a new frontier of teaching in the 21st century.  Millennial students are bringing to university classrooms different experiences regarding the ways they learn and engage in critical thinking.  As online universities gain more popularity across the country, higher education institutions are offering more hybrid and distance-learning courses on the Internet match the demand for using technology for teaching and learning.  This action research study evaluates how the Annenberg Media digital simulation The Constitutional Convention of 1787 effected student engagement in an undergraduate history course at a community college in a metropolitan region of the Southeast.  Practical suggestions are provided for college level history instructors to adapt digital simulations for teaching curricular and content skills that foster critical thinking, digital literacy, and engaged learning.

Keywords: student engagement, active learning, digital simulations, historical thinking, technology, undergraduate history

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