Abstract 2, Volume 11, Number 3, Fall 2016

Integrating Content and Pedagogy:

Developing Collaborative, Interdisciplinary Social Studies Teacher Education


Michelle D.  Cude

Ashley Taylor Jaffee

Philip David Dillard

John Hulsey

Alison Sandman


James Madison University


This case study investigated how a collaborative, interdisciplinary partnership supported pre-service teachers’ approach to integrating content and pedagogy in coursework and field-based experiences at a large, public university.  The collaboration involved articulating shared goals and objectives, planning and teaching co-requisite courses, and sharing a vision of shaping future social studies teachers.  The research questions that framed this study were:  What elements contributed to a successful collaborative, interdisciplinary partnership?  How did faculty involved in the collaboration conceptualize supporting pre-service teachers’ development of pedagogical content knowledge (PCK)?  The voices of the faculty members involved in this collaboration are highlighted to illustrate how they conceptualized meeting the needs of pre-service social studies teachers.  Findings included identifying the constraints and benefits of partnerships as well as contributing factors to a successful interdisciplinary partnership.  Identifying the evolving definition and role of PCK in the training of future social studies teachers is also addressed.

     Key words: social studies, teacher education, pre-service teachers, interdisciplinary partnership, collaboration, pedagogical content knowledge


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