Abstract 6, Volume 11, Number 3, Fall 2016

Women on America’s Historical Landscape: Teaching with Monuments and Memorials


Joshua L. Kenna

Stewart Waters

University of Tennessee


We expand on the use of monuments and memorials in the social studies classroom, while further promoting a more inclusive curriculum that better represents women in the social studies.  The way and frequency in which history textbooks and social studies classrooms represent women has improved over the decades; though, it still needs refining.  The imbalance goes beyond the social studies classroom and includes the very resources we are advocating social studies teachers use, the United States’ historical monuments and memorials.  We, therefore, offer social studies teachers a rationale, resources, and suggested activities for incorporating monuments and memorials commemorating the role of females in U.S. history.  Considering less than eight percent of the United States’ cataloged, public outdoor statues honoring individuals are of women.

Key Words: Social studies, history, monuments, women, gender, controversies

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