Abstract 12, Volume 11, Number 3, Fall 2016

NCSS Notable Trade Book Lesson Plan

Thailand: Enchantment of the World

Written by Mel Friedman


Cynthia Szymanski Sunal

Kobkul Sukka

Georgianna Eyre

Dennis W. Sunal

The University of Alabama


Thailand: Enchantment of the World describes the southeast Asian nation of Thailand with recent photographs, maps, and figures accompanying the text.  Graphic and text elements together build a description of Thailand today.  History and geography are discussed as is the natural environment and a changing economy.  Characteristics important to the establishment of the nation as a 21st century leader in its region are discussed.  Students will enjoy a wide and deep range of photographs of Thai peoples, culture, and landforms from early in the 19th century through recent years.  This book facilitates students’ development of an understanding of the influences contributing to similarities and differences among Thailand and other nations.

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