Abstract 4- Volume 1, Number 2, Summer 2006

Social Studies Research and Practice

Volume 1, Number 2, Summer 2006



Influences on Social Studies Teachers’ Issue-Selection for Classroom Discussion: Social Positioning and Media

Khodadad (Khodi) Kaviani
University of Washington


This qualitative research explores factors that influence social studies teachers’ issue-selection for classroom discussion. Four high school teachers – three from an urban setting and one from a suburban high school – participated in the study. Data were gathered over three months via interviews, classroom observations, and field notes; all were analyzed using the constant comparative technique of the grounded theory approach. Two claims are made: Teachers’ social positioning influences their curriculum choices, and media influences social studies teachers’ issue-selection.This is a revised version of the paper presented at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) April 8, 2006 in San Francisco, California.

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About the Author(s)…

Khodadad (Khodi) Kaviani is a Ph.D. candidate and an adjunct instructor at the University of Washington. He has 13 years of teaching and administrative experiences in public schools and his research interests include democratic education, Middle Eastern politics, and multicultural education. He has been a participant of the Microsoft Future Professors project exploring ways of incorporating technology into teaching social studies. His recent co-authored article, “Political Socialization, Technology, and Schools” is published by The International Journal of Social Education. He has also produced two cultural CDs highlighting the ancient traditions of Zoroastrians. Contact information: khodi@u.washington.edu, the University of Washington.