Abstract 8- Volume 1, Number 2, Summer 2006

Social Studies Research and Practice

Volume 1, Number 2, Summer 2006



Social Studies Methods Class as Crucible for K-8 Curricular Change: Considering the U.S. Constitution

Carolyn O’Mahony
Oakland University


What a difference a mandate makes! Walking through local school corridors in late September 2005, I was impressed by the number of posters and student assignments that addressed the Constitution. Then I learned the reason why. In December 2004, Congress passed a Bill mandating that each federally funded school would observe Constitution Day on September 17 (Department of Education, 2005). Suddenly, the focus of my social studies methods class was being validated in the schools where my teacher candidates were placed.

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About the Author(s)…

Carolyn O’Mahony is an assistant professor of social studies education at Oakland University in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Her research interests include elementary social studies curriculum and instruction, teacher education, and international social studies education.  Within each of these areas her interests center on planning, with particular attention to how teachers predict and respond to students’ subject-matter understanding and issues of context. She can be reached at omahony@oakland.edu, Oakland University.