Abstract 12- Volume 1, Number 3, Summer 2006

Social Studies Research and Practice

Volume 1, Number 3, Winter 2006



A Learning Cycle Lesson Plan: Scale

Cynthia Szymanski Sunal
Dennis W. Sunal
The University of Alabama

Mary E. Haas
West Virginia University


This learning cycle lesson plan uses hands-on and minds-on experiences to assist fourth or fifth graders in developing the important concept of scale. The lesson focuses on enabling students to define scale as a ratio so that one square represents more squares, e.g. 1:5. It also works to enable students to draw the same object in two different scales.

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About the Author(s)…

Cynthia Szymanski Sunal is Professor of Social Studies Education at The University of Alabama. She is the author of numerous books, chapters, and articles on social studies education. Contact information: cvsunal@bamaed.ua.edu, The University of Alabama

Dennis W. Sunal is Professor of Curriculum and Instruction at The University of Alabama. He has authored articles and books on the theme of science, technology, and society. He serves as Director of the Center for Science Teaching and Learning at his university. Contact information: dwsunal@bama.ua.edu, The University of Alabama

Mary E. Haas is professor of Curriculum and Instruction at West Virginia University where she teaches social studies methods. Students in her methods classes are required to create social studies WebQuests. Contact information: maryhaas1@mac.com, West Virginia University.