Abstract 3- Volume 2, Number 3, Winter 2007

Social Studies Research and Practice

Volume 2, Number 3, Winter 2007


Takin’ It to the Streets: A Collaborative Self-Study into Social Studies Field Instruction

Jason K. Ritter
Dave Powell
Todd S. Hawley
University of Georgia


This paper reports on the processes and outcomes of a collaborative self-study conducted by three beginning teacher educators who sought to examine the efficacy of their teaching practices while working with student teachers in the field. By systematically embracing opportunities to explore mutually pressing issues and concerns manifest across the student teaching semester, the authors found that collaborative self-study provided a useful framework for considering their pedagogical reasoning and decision making as they encouraged student teachers to engage in rationale-based practice. The understandings gleaned from this study provided the authors with a basis upon which to reexamine their developing teacher educator pedagogies, as well as to critique the nature and structure of their teacher education program.

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About the Author(s)…

Jason K. Ritter, Dave Powell, and Todd S. Hawley are doctoral candidates in the Department of Elementary and Social Studies Education at the University of Georgia. Our varied research interests converge around the notion that teacher education can and should be meaningful for prospective social studies teachers. Contact information: jkritter@uga.edu, djpowe@uga.edu, thawley@uga.edu, University of Georgia.