Social Studies Research and Practice

Volume 1, Number 1, Spring 2006

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Editors Notes


Differences in Gender and Civic Education in Ukraine

Alden Craddock
Bowling Green State University

Narrating Democratic Education

Ellen Durrigan Santora
University of Rochester

Social Studies Teachers’ Views on Committed Impartiality and Discussion

Jonathan Miller-Lane
Elissa Denton
Andrew May 

Middlebury College

Action Research

Learning to Question in Kindergarten

Lynn Allyson Kelley
Taylorville Primary School
Tuscaloosa, AL

Let’s Collaborate and Infuse Citizenship Education: Kids Voting in Primary Classrooms

Susan Catapano
Kim H. Song 

University of Missouri, St. Louis


Huns, Nuns, & Guns: A WebQuest and Propaganda and the Cold War

Chad Michael Dorn
Carlos Espinosa Proaño 

Colegio Menor San Francisco de Quito
Quito, Ecuador

Revolution: In the Hearts and Minds of People

Amy Lynn Roedding
Alliance Academy International

Developing Social Studies WebQuests with Teacher Candidates

Mary E. Haas
Jessica Channell
Michael T. Linder
Holly Vandevander
Angela VanSickle 

West Virginia University

Working with Museums and Parks for Teacher Education

Susan F. Waite
Judy A. Leavell 

Texas State University – San Marcos


Hierarchical Models and Interdisciplinary Studies: Construct, Compose, and Communicate

Tammy Crawford Cook
Juan Walker
Elizabeth K. Wilson 

The University of Alabama


Paulette Patterson Dilworth
Indiana University – Bloomington

Provoking Introspections about Freedom and Justice

Lois McFadyen Christensen
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Standards, Firewalls, and General Classroom Mayhem: Implementing Student-Centered Technology Projects in the Elementary Classroom

Mark Hofer
The College of William & Mary 

Kathleen Owings Swan
The University of Kentucky

Editors and Editorial Board

Executive Editor
Cynthia Szymanski Sunal, the University of Alabama,
Janet Smith Strickland, The University of West Georgia,
Managing Editor
Jason Abbitt, Miami University,
Editorial Board
Lois McFadyen Christensen, University of Alabama at Birmingham,
Elizabeth K. Wilson, The University of Alabama,

Contributing Editors

Ray Wicks, Archdiocese of St. Louis, Missouri Schools,

Robert J. Stahl, Arizona State University,

Interdisciplinary Education
Elizabeth K. Wilson, The University of Alabama,
Tammy Cook, The University of Alabama,

Ready to Teach
Paulette Patterson Dilworth, Indiana University – Bloomington,

Social Justice
Lois McFadyen Christensen, University of Alabama at Birmingham,

Mark Hofer, College of William and Mary,
Kathy Swan, University of Kentucky,

Board of Reviewers

Sarah Blair
Chara Bohan
Steven Camicia
June Chapin
Alden Craddock
Sarah Davis
Ashley de Waal
Paulette Dilworth
Thomas Fallace
Cheryl Franklin
Amy Good
Barbara Hatcher
Tina Heafner
Janie Hubbard
William Irwin
Lynn Kirkland
Andrea Libresco
Timothy Lintner
Anand Marri
Allison Nazzal
Kathryn Obenchain
Nancy Patterson
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Susan Santoli
Ellen Santora
Timothy Skelar
Jeremy Stoddard
Kathy Swan
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Luis Urrieta