Abstract 15- Volume 2, Number 3, Winter 2007

Social Studies Research and Practice

Volume 2, Number 3, Winter 2007



Notable Trade Book Lesson Plan: Recess at 20 Below

Kathleen J. Tate
University of West Georgia


This lesson plan is based upon Cindy Lou Aillaud’s book Recess at 20 Below and serves as a catalyst for exploring how the climate and geography/ topography of the Alaskan region affects culture and everyday life, economy, wildlife, and conservation. This lesson is geared toward 3rd and 4th grades but could easily be modified for younger or older students.

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About the Author(s)…

Kathleen J. Tate is a generalist and assistant professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of West Georgia. She has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in social studies, language arts, reading, and science in addition to graduate courses in ESL/ESOL, creative drama, and program evaluation. Dr. Tate’s presentations and publications pertain to integrated, thematic instruction and arts-based pedagogy across content areas. Contact information:  ktate@westga.edu, The University of West Georgia.