Abstract 13- Volume 3, Number 2, Summer 2008

Social Studies Research and Practice

Volume 3, Number 2, Summer 2008



NCSS Notable Trade Book Lesson Plan: Home by Jeannie Baker

Lynn Kelley
Taylorville Primary School


In the wordless picture book Home by Jeannie Baker, we watch baby Tracy grow as her family and neighbors work together to gradually turn a cold, unfriendly, city street into a beautiful friendly place to call home. In this lesson designed for ages 4-8, students explore change over time in the book Home and later in themselves by interviewing their parents and constructing a timeline book of their lives.

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About the Author(s)…

Lynn Allyson Kelley is currently a Second Grade Science and Social Studies Lab Teacher at Taylorville Primary School in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She has taught grades preschool through college over the past 31 years. Ms. Kelley is currently pursuing an Ed.D. in Early Childhood Education at the University of Alabama. Her research interests include the following: student’s questions, parent involvement, constructivist teaching, and working with pre-service teachers. She can be reached at lacke009@bama.ua.edu.