Abstract 6- Volume 3, Number 3, Winter 2008

Social Studies Research and Practice

Volume 3, Number 3, Winter 2008



Get Up, Get Out with Geocaching: Engaging Technology for the Social Studies Classroom

Lisa Matherson
Paul W. Bryant High School, Tuscaloosa, AL
Vivian H. Wright
Christopher T. Inman
Elizabeth K. Wilson
The University of Alabama


This article gives an overview of using global positioning systems (GPS) in a popular activity, geocaching, as a teaching and learning activity. The authors provide background information and an overview of one social studies teacher’s first use of geocaching and share perspectives from the teacher and her students on its value in the classroom.

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About the Author(s)…

Lisa Matherson is a Social Studies Educator at Paul W. Bryant High School. She currently teaches all three levels (AP, Advanced, and Regular) of U.S. Government and Economics, Early U.S. History, and Psychology. She earned both her BSE and MSE from the University of Alabama.

Vivian H. Wright is an Associate Professor of Instructional Technology at The University of Alabama. In addition to teaching in the graduate program, she works with teacher educators on innovative ways to infuse technology in the curriculum and has helped initiate and develop projects such as Master Technology Teacher.

Christopher T. Inman is a doctoral student in Instructional Leadership/Technology at The University of Alabama. His teaching certification is in social studies, and he is currently investigating emerging technologies in the social studies.

Elizabeth K. Wilson is a Professor of Social Studies Education at The University of Alabama. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in social studies education and literacy. Her research interests include technology and school/university partnerships.

Primary contact email: lmathers@tusc.k12.al.us