Social Studies Research and Practice

Volume 1, Number 3, Winter 2006

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Editors Notes


Gender Balance in K-12 American History Textbooks

Kay A. Chick
Penn State Altoona

Social Studies and History Teachers’ Uses of Non-Digital and Digital Historical Resources

John K. Lee
Georgia State University 

Peter E. Doolittle
David Hicks
Virginia Tech University

Toward Twenty-First Century Global Citizenship: A Teacher Education Curriculum

Mary Frances Agnello
David R. White
Wesley Fryer 

Texas Tech University

Importing Peace Education from Belfast: A Prosocial Approach to School Improvement in the US

Linda Pickett
University of Michigan-Flint 

Susan Carson
Grand Valley State University

Virginia vs. Florida: Two Beginning History Teachers’ Perceptions of the Influence of High-Stakes Tests on Their Instructional Decision-Making

Elizabeth Anne Yeager
University of Florida 

Stephanie van Hover
University of Virginia

Strange Bedfellows: Censorship and History Textbooks

Melissa N. Matusevich
East Carolina University

Theocratic Education: Understanding the Islamic Republic of Iran by Analyzing Its Textbooks

Khodadad (Khodi) Kaviani
University of Washington-Seattle


Notable Trade Book Lesson Plan: Going Home

Cynthia Szymanski Sunal
The University of Alabama

Notable Trade Book Lesson Plan—Rachel: The Story of Rachel Carson

Nancy P. Gallavan
University of Central Arkansas

Notable Trade Book Lesson Plan: It’s Back to School We Go!

Janie Hubbard
The University of Montevallo

Notable Trade Book Lesson: Be My Neighbor

Dawn T. Corso
The University of Arizona

A Learning Cycle Lesson Plan: Scale

Cynthia Szymanski Sunal
Dennis W. Sunal
The University of Alabama 

Mary E. Haas
West Virginia University

A Learning Cycle Lesson Plan: Learning from the Paintings and Drawings of Artists

Mary E. Haas
West Virginia University


A Tale worth Telling: Helping Students Construct Stories of the Past

Kimberly C. Gray
Kennesaw State University 

Daryl E. Fridley
Southeast Missouri State University

Reinventing PowerPoint: A New Look at an Old Tool

Mark Hofer
College of William & Mary 

Robb Ponton
Williamsburg James City County Schools

Kathleen Swan
University of Kentucky

Why Vote? Whose Voice Is Viable, and Who Is Vulnerable?

Lois McFadyen Christensen
The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Editors and Editorial Board

Executive Editor
Cynthia Szymanski Sunal, the University of Alabama,
Janet Smith Strickland, The University of West Georgia,
Managing Editor
Jason Abbitt, Miami University,
Editorial Board
Lois McFadyen Christensen, University of Alabama at Birmingham,
Elizabeth K. Wilson, The University of Alabama,

Contributing Editors

Interdisciplinary Education
Elizabeth K. Wilson, The University of Alabama,
Tammy Cook, The University of Alabama,

Ready to Teach
Paulette Patterson Dilworth, Indiana University – Bloomington,

Social Justice
Lois McFadyen Christensen, University of Alabama at Birmingham,

Mark Hofer, College of William and Mary,
Kathy Swan, University of Kentucky,


Board of Reviewers

Marsha Alibrandi
Keith Barton
Sarah Bair
Chara Bohan
Steven Camicia
Kenneth Carano
June Chapin
Jim Couch
Alden Craddock
Sarah Davis
Ashley de Waal
Paulette Dilworth
Sam Evans
Thomas Fallace
Mohammed Farouk
Harvey Foyle
Cheryl Franklin
Adam Friedman
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Janie Hubbard
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