Abstract 10- Volume 4, Number 2, Summer 2009

Social Studies Research and Practice

Volume 4, Number 2, Summer 2009



Lesson Plan: Good Fortune: My Journey to Gold Mountain by Li Keng Wong

Tamara Korenman & Agnieszka Kozielska
Saint Xavier University


This lesson utilizes Good Fortune: My Journey to Gold Mountain, a well-written autobiography that tells of one family’s story of immigration to the US through Angel Island in the 1930s. This lesson can be used in a secondary school classroom to discuss controversial issues related to immigration quotas and discrimination. The book demonstrates the great desire of immigrants to survive and provokes thoughts and feelings that move adolescents to reflection in speaking and writing

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About the Author(s)…

Tamara Korenman is an Assistant Professor of Secondary Education with an emphasis in History/Social Science Education at Saint Xavier University in Chicago, Illinois.

Agnieszka Kozielska is a teacher candidate pursuing teacher certification in the areas of history and social studies for middle and secondary school levels.

Contact email: korenman@sxu.edu