Abstract 3- Volume 4, Number 3, Winter 2009

Social Studies Research and Practice

Volume 4, Number 3, Winter 2009



Multiple Texts, Teacher Craft Knowledge, and Principled Practices in High School Economics: A Case Study of Kenneth

Nancy T. Walker
University of La Verne

Jennifer Wimmer
Thomas Bean
University of Nevada, Las Vegas


This article considers the current state of teacher discourse and reflection, situated in daily practice, craft knowledge, multiliteracies and new literacies. Based on studies of content area teachers’ use of multiple texts in social studies fields like economics, the authors profile Kenneth, an experienced teacher whose practice is grounded in craft knowledge and ideas about principled practices. In addition, Kenneth is an active proponent of new and digital literacy practices in his classroom simulations. The case example of Kenneth is then used to suggest how the process of practical argument might offer other content area teachers a useful framework for teacher reflection based on teachers’ craft knowledge and principled practices.

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