Editor’s Notes

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The editors of Social Studies and Research are pleased to bring you the Spring 2011 issue of the journal. We continued to be pleased with the quality of scholarly work submitted for consideration. Please help spread the word about SSRP and encourage your colleagues to consider submitting research, action research, or practical manuscripts. While we welcome manuscripts from anyone interested in advancing Social Studies education, we remain committed to working with novice scholars.

The Research section of the journal includes a critical analysis of the role of emotion in democratic dialogue, a qualitative analysis of the use of dialog journals with pre-service teachers and elementary students, a phenomenological examination of pedagogical negotiations and authentic intellectual work (AIW), and a mixed-methods study of pre-service teachers’ reflections after learning about African mask-making.

The Action Research section of the journal includes a study that explores the degree to which upper elementary students were able to recognize historical perspectives, and whether a multi-genre project format was conducive to developing this skill.

The Practice section of the journal includes a discussion of a model of a scaffolded major project from an arts-integrated social studies curriculum unit, and an examination of a community-based project that builds civic-mindedness in the intermediate grades.

In addition to the Notable Trade Books lessons, the Features section of the journal includes a discussion of the ways in which graduates of an online teacher certification program integrate technology into social studies instruction, and an article that outlines the basic statistical processes behind public opinion polls and provides social studies teachers with activities that encourage students to critically question political data presented in the media.

Finally, it is time to say goodbye to Danilo, our co-editor and managing editor for the past three years, as he pursues other professional opportunities. We thank him for his dedication in making SSRP a quality online journal for our discipline and beyond.